The trip to Dublin was far earlier than he expected - Norah had said they would go in June - and so he had planned everything for June. Maxwell had only realized recently that he wanted to marry Norah, that she challenged him and pushed him to succeed, that she believed in him in ways no other woman ever had, and that she loved him completely and fully, even with all of his faults. This was it for him, he knew it. Norah was it for him.

He had only just gotten the ring he wanted in his possession (an old 1950s art deco ring he had a feeling she would love) and two days later she had said she wanted to go home to Dublin. He understood the reasoning; things had been strange lately, and while they were going through it together, it felt weird knowing both of them were losing time and more frequently. At least this time, there was no fight that they didn't remember having. This time, he felt closer to her, he felt a stronger desire for her that he couldn't quite explain, but there had still been some strange occurrences he couldn't quite put his finger on.

So when his girlfriend Norah wanted to go to Dublin, he made the trip happen. They flew over on his private jet and were in her family home in a matter of hours. The flight over wasn't particularly important, it was the time they were going to spend in Dublin that would matter the most.

After they had landed and got a private car to drive them to her family estate, they settled in as much as they could. They took a power nap, they got food, they enjoyed each other's company. The next day would be when Norah would bring Maxwell around the family grounds and show him everything she could, and everything she pointed out had a story. Everything had a look into the girl that she was and how it factored into the woman she became, even if she didn't completely realize she was doing that. He realized he could really listen to her tell stories for the rest of his life, and he knew he was going to make the right decision.

Finishing the tour of the family home, Norah and Maxwell ventured outside, where they started to walk in the backyard as she told more stories. She pointed out a large beautiful tree in the back, large branches and a thick trunk, obvious the roots in that tree were deep. Norah had laughed and told a story relating to her sister, but Maxwell asked if they could check the tree out.

As they got closer to the tree, his arm around her shoulders and his other hand in his pocket, his fingers moving around the ring in his pocket. Norah told a story about how she used to play in this tree with her sister Rowan, and as she spoke, Maxwell broke away from her and walked over to the tree, and placed his hand on it. It was strong, sturdy. It had a good foundation, and it was obvious it had a long life here, with the Flanagan family, and the stories that came with it.

Maxwell looked up at the tree, as he decided to speak, his heart pounding in his chest as he knew this was the perfect time. This was it. "You know, I've always wanted a big family. Kids, and a lot of them. I guess I just kind of always thought I'd make a good dad. But there was never anyone that I thought I could have that life with, you know? Never connected with anyone really. I've always wanted a foundation, a strong one, I guess like the roots of this tree. Someone to kind of put down roots with and watch them grown, and spend life doing just that. Living life, enjoying life."

Maxwell turned around from the tree, and faced Norah, grinning as he walked over to her. Once he reached her, he took her left hand into his own, and brought it to his lips for kiss before lowering it. "So then I realized, the happiest that I've been, has been with you. The most relaxed I have been, is with you. I can see my future with you. I can see my life with you. I can see us setting down roots, you scolding our children for pushing each other out of the tree, before I come behind you and fake doing the same to you, causing you to laugh. I want that. I want all of that, and I want all of that with you. So, I guess, what I'm trying to say..."

Maxwell cleared his throat, and grinned at Norah. If there was any idea that she thought he was doing this, that he was about to ask her to marry him, she didn't show it. At least not yet. They had talked about their future together, they had talked about eventually getting married, having a family, doing everything right. It would be the second marriage for both of them - if she said yes - and they both wanted to make it a lasting marriage. Maxwell knew himself well enough that he wouldn't want to marry anyone, to go into anything like this, if he didn't think it was going to last this time. He would marry for love this time, he would marry because he wanted to spend the rest of his life with this woman, he would marry because she made him a better man and there was nothing in the world that he wanted to do more than to make her happy for the rest of his life. For him, that woman was Norah. That woman was in front of him, wide eyed as she watched him get down on one knee, take out the ring box in his pocket, and open the box for her to see the ring.

She was it for him. She was perfect. Now, all he had to do now was ask.

"Norah Flanagan, will you marry me?" And now, all she had to do was say yes.