"In the end, we must put those who mean most to us first."

At exactly 10:30 PM on July 4th, those were the words going through Max's head as he suddenly remembered who he really was. A quick look around told Magneto that things had changed since he was last here. His apartment was still being repaired, but there was no one else here. There was no house that he was moving into, and a quick search of memories told him that apparently, his relationship with Wasp had ended.

Seemed fitting, clearly someone like him could not find happiness in the arms of an Avenger anyway. Though there was a disappointment that washed over him, a disappointment he could tell Maxwell had been living with for the past month. He was focusing on work, he was focusing on everything else other than what actually mattered.

Getting his life back.

Magneto stood up and walked through the dark penthouse towards the balcony, where he could see a clear view of the fireworks going off over the Charles River. With each firework shooting across the sky, he felt his hands getting tighter on the metal railing. It didn't take long to realize he did not have his powers, and he figured there might not be much time. But the more the celebrations went on below, the angrier Magneto got.

How did he let things get so out of hand? Thinking that he could align to those who wanted to get things done, but instead it was all about who had more power, and who could take over who. How did he allow himself to be so foolish, to let himself think that he was actually capable of working with others and getting along with them? He had always been considered the 'outcast' and the evil that needed to be purged, and despite any and all good he had done, it was always forgotten due to his past deeds.

If he had his powers, the railing on the balcony would have been completely distorted and twisted into knots by now.

Once upon a time, there was a fight that he believed in. He tried to be valiant, and he tried to do good. He once told others who were against him that "In the end, we must put those who mean most to us first." He had said it to rally the troops, so to speak, even the ones against him. A call to arms, to protect the ones they cared about and loved, to band together.

Even then, that died out as quickly as any of his other 'good deeds'. People viewed him as villainous, and perhaps in some ways, he was. Perhaps he needed to be the 'villain' so many people viewed him as, so he could gain momentum, so he could gain his power back. His sense of self back.

Magneto had given up too much valuable time to a man who was wasting it pining after an Irish girl who wasn't coming back. Who was wasting time burying his head in work and focusing on the company as a whole rather than furthering his own goals.

The fireworks in the distance had long since ended, and he felt a headache coming on, usually a sign that he was going back into the prison of a mind that Maxwell subconsciously held him in. With little time left, he grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down a note, a quote he used to say constantly, that he hoped would resonate with his other self.

There are no "heroes" or "villains". There's just what I want, and how I'll get it.

He had enough of this, it was time to take action.

It was time to finally get what he wanted, and what he deserved.