1999 was an interesting year. He had only graduated with his masters the year before from Columbia, and had just gotten into Harvard for his Doctorate. He had tragically lost his father in January of 1999, and so Marcus was doing the best that he could to try to follow in his father's footsteps and do what was best for the company despite being so young. It was too young to take over a company. It was too young to take on so much responsibility. He lived alone, he kept in small contact with his brother and sister. He was only 25 then, trying to come into his own, and having all of this shoved on him was...well. It was unheard of for a 25 year old to take over as the interim CEO of a major motor company, but it was written in the company bylaws, it was written in his father Erik's will. There was a lot of adjustment that was going to happen in 1999. Y2K was something people were still actively afraid of, scientists were having major breakthroughs, and Marcus found himself slightly stuck and unable to know how to move forward. Like he needed a little momentum to keep him going, to stop him from falling off his path, to stop him from doing things he might regret.

So when August 9, 1999 came around, things changed.

When he had first met Wynne Marks three years prior, it was to a small fling. A relationship he had felt that could go somewhere, but when it became clear that Wynne was only interested in his money, in his family name, in his social status, well he ended the relationship. He moved on. Marcus was only 22 but he knew what he wanted in a relationship and in his life; because he had spent the last twenty plus years being treated differently because of his name and who his family was, and he so desperately wanted someone to see him for him. Wynne wasn't that person. So it ended, and he didn't think anything of it, only put himself back into work. He was young, the world was ahead of him.

But fast forward to August of 1999, and things changed. A simple phone call, asking him to allow Wynne to come over because she wanted to "talk" was something he wasn't sure of allowing, but something in him told him to hear her out. And when she arrived at his door, it was with a young child in her arms. A little girl with beautiful brown hair, with features that looked so familiar to him and yet not, and there was a lump in his throat as he stared at her. The little girl stared back, and then giggled.

"This is Marina," Wynne had said, "She's your daughter." And after that came all the demands. Demands of child support, the demands that he pay her to keep her mouth shut and stay out of his life, and it was a vulgar display of desperation. He could have handled it poorly, and looking back on it, Marcus is surprised that he didn't. But after hours of having Wynne make demands, he simply requested one thing: "Visit my doctor this afternoon, and we'll get a DNA test. I want to be sure." Of course, Wynne was insulted that Marcus thought she might be lying, but why would he believe her? He had seen the type of woman that she was three years ago, and he had apparently been right.

He put Wynne and Marina up in a hotel as he got appointments made -- it was amazing what could get done when he threw his name around, something he hated to do unless it was needed, but here it was needed. Because if Marina was truly his daughter...he was going to do the right thing.

The tests proved it, of course. Proved that she was his daughter, and he held her so tightly when he found it out, actually finding himself crying happily as he explained to the little girl that she was his daughter, that he was her father. He had never thought that he'd want to be a father, but here he was, and it was...magical. But for Wynne, it was less so. She had expected that Marcus wouldn't want anything to do with Marina but soon found herself in a legal battle. Marcus demanded to have visitation rights. He told her he wouldn't be paying her a dime, and any money he did give, would be set up in a private trust for Marina that Wynne could never touch. The woman was angry, the woman was pissed off, but Marcus needed to make sure Marina was protected. He didn't realize how much he had really seen Wynne for who she was until the later years.

Until the later years, when Marina got older and Marcus got wiser, and the two of them started to bond and grow closer than either one of them had ever expected. Marcus, despite being a workaholic, still was all about the importance of family. Family was important, it was the ties you had to the world, it was the legacy that you had. Now that he had a daughter, he wasn't going to stop believing that he could still leave a good legacy. He tried his best to teach her to earn her way, to never use the family name to get anywhere. He tried his best to raise her as an intelligent and passionate woman.

Marina's response to how he raised her was to present him with a certificate on her 18th birthday. An official name change, to take his last name as her own. The tears that Marcus cried that day were complete happiness and bliss, knowing that despite all his faults and failures in life, he was still capable of love, and his daughter loved him back. And when she moved to Boston to be near him, well. It was a feeling that he couldn't describe. She keeps him grounded and keeps him laughing, and reminds him that he's not that bad of a person. Lately, that reminder is the most important one.

He had never really expected to lose so much and gain so much all in 1999, but looking back on it, Marcus knows that everything happened that way for a very specific reason. He was a man of science, but even he couldn't deny the fates now and then, as much as it pained him to admit to it. And even though he was worried that he was missing a week of time that he couldn't remember, even though he was worried that this meant something far more than just 'lapsed memory', he did his best not to show is concern. Especially not to her. He wants to continue to be the supportive father that he's always been, he wants to continue to not worry her on things that might not amount to much. She has had so much to deal with anyway, that there's no reason to worry her.

But on his desk sits a Polaroid photo, a copy of one that was in Marina's possession, of the first time he ever met her. He was young then, surprised, but happy. August 9, 1999. And sometimes he wonders if there is a chance that he might have another child out there that he doesn't know; it's a strange feeling he has every now and then, and it's fleeting. He hopes it's not the case, because he would hate to have not known that a child that he could have helped, that he could have loved as much as he loves is daughter now, could be out there.

And when a friend at work points out that one of the workers who has recently started in on a project with Marcus, a twenty something named Teddy, sometimes has the same mannerisms that Marcus does when he talks, Marcus just laughs it off as nothing more than perhaps a young man looking for a mentor.

Because there is no way there are other secrets out there that are hidden from him, Marcus is sure of it. Or he was, before he started losing his memory.