It wasn't supposed to be that unusual of a day. Granted, having it be the second month where Max (Or Erik, or Magnus, or just Magneto, any of the many names he had used in the past) and Marcus were both around land on Mother's Day meant it was going to be a bit odd, but nothing out of the ordinary.

He had also woken up floating in the air, using Marcus' mostly metal furniture to elevate him, and that was the awakening to find out his powers had returned. Not the most civilized way, but it was something to be dealt with later. Now, he was to deal with the mother of his daughter, and he needed to check with her; because if he had his powers, chances are that his daughter did too.

And she did have her powers. But that wasn't the most unusual part of the day.

As a rule, Marcus typically spent Mother's Day playing the between of Wynne and Marina, trying his best to keep the peace while avoiding the advances that Wynne was making towards him. Because she so desperately wanted them to "get married for Marina's sake" and it was the same tune she had been singing since he had found out Marina was his daughter. But with their daughter being 22, the fact that Wynne kept harping on the whole "we should get married for the kid" routine was getting way too old.

Max, for his part, could sense Marcus' discomfort, and he couldn't blame the other man. After all, he was of the mind that family was important. That it was all that you had, that legacy was important. Marcus knew this, being the last of the Kaisers -- or he had been before Marina came around. His brother had died, his sister had died, both of parents passed away when he was in his twenties. But knowing he had a daughter was something he had never expected, but it had been the best thing to ever happen to him.

But Wynne of course stayed around, and tried to get under his skin and into his wallet, and Marcus could see right through her. Max found this amusing, as he found himself watching the situation from Marcus' eyes. Brunch at a nice place, because he had said he'd pay for Wynne's transportation from Philadelphia to Boston.

(Which, he did. First class. On an 8 hour train, one way. Meaning she'd have to do 8 hours on the way home. Yeah, he was vindictive sometimes, or as his daughter said, 'Savage'. At least it was for amusing reasons.)

So they had arrived for Mother's Day brunch, sitting at a table with lots of others around. Idle conversation, as Marcus tried his best to crack jokes to make Marina smile, while Wynne was doing her best to try to openly seduce Marcus and he was trying not to get sick in public because of it. But for the most part, the day was going okay. It wasn't the worst thing, at least.

Until, a familiar face was making gestures out of the corner of his eye, and he caught Marina laughing and Marcus and Wynne turned to look to see who it was.

Marcus recognized the man at the other table as his intern, Teddy. Sitting with his own family, making silly faces at Marina, and Marcus grinned and waved a hello to the young man. But something in him stirred.

Pietro! The voice of Max Eisenhardt was loud in his head, almost desperate to call out to the other man. And Marcus felt his expression change to one of confusion, as the voice in his head spoke again, My son!

The words made his heart hurt for reasons he couldn't explain, and while Marcus and Max seemed to have an agreement that Marcus would be in the forefront today, that wasn't the case as soon as Max saw Pietro. Unable to control himself, the silver fork and spoon in front of him started to float off the table, high enough that he was able to notice and he quickly looked back at the table, the silverware falling to the floor. Wynne hadn't noticed the silverware floating, but she had noticed something else.

"What is Patrick doing here?" She muttered under her breath, looking understandably freaked out, as she cleared her throat and muttered something about wanting to go, as she grabbed her purse and walked out the restaurant.

He had been unsure of what she said, of the name that she said, but it appeared that Marina, that Wanda might have not only heard the words, but recognized Teddy across the room for who he really was.

And it was then that he saw scarlet magic start to appear around her hands, and he reached out for her in hushed tones, "Wanda, be careful!" but it was too late, as an explosion was heard off in the kitchen, and the fire alarm immediately started.

"Dad," She looked at him with a pained expression and he jumped up and put his arm around her.

"We need to get out of here," He said, and he looked to Pietro, on the other side of the room, watching them with wide eyes. He gestured towards the door and Pietro nodded, as he walked out with his 'family', in the rush of people trying to escape the explosions and fires starting in the restaurant.

Marcus in full protective father mode, guided his daughter out of the restaurant and met up with Wynne, who was across the street watching in shock. She immediately started to complain, but Marcus immediately raised his voice to her, "Enough. I'll escort you back to your hotel. Mari, head home and get some rest, okay? I'll come see you soon." He kissed his daughter on her forehead, and nudged her towards the crowd of people, knowing she'd seek out her brother. Or rather, that Wanda would seek out her brother, and that Marina would seek out her friend.

"Really, Marcus, it's Mother's Day and you're cutting things short? I demand you make this up to me, there's no way I'm going to marry you now if you cut my days short!" Wynne said, and Marcus put his hand on her back as he walked her down the sidewalk.

"There was an accident at the restaurant, and you're putting the blame on me? And what is this nonsense of us getting married?" The worst of it, was that he wasn't hiding his anger anymore. He wasn't hiding his annoyance. This woman was a pesk. "Why did you leave, hmm? Who's Patrick?"

At the sound of the name, Wynne stopped in her tracks and looked as white as a sheet, before she cleared her throat, and stood up a little taller. "Just thought I saw someone I knew, that's all. A dashing young ex of mine, I was so hoping I could make you jealous."

She looked at him expectantly, trying to see if her lie worked, and he decided to let it pass. For now. So as they walked down the street to her hotel, the sirens of police and fire trucks speeding past them, he rolled his eyes at her. "I'm not going to marry you, so just cut the shit, okay? You're here because Marina allowed you to be. I don't care what day it is. And if you do not drop this whole pathetic attempt at trying to ‘seduce' me, you'll never speak to either one of us again."

Of course, she tried to protest, but as they reached the door of the hotel, he held his hand up, "You got a free hotel for the weekend, and transportation. Take it and don't be greedy. Goodbye, Wynne. I won't say it was nice seeing you."

He turned and walked away not wanting to hear her protests, and got into the nearest town car heading back to his home. It wasn't until he was home, behind closed doors, as he allowed himself to move and think freely, using a nearby metal paperweight to practice his powers with, lightly floating the object around the house, as he tried to go over the events in his mind.

He had his powers. Wanda's powers were returning. There would need to be adjustments to be made, he'd have to be there to help her, but he wasn't going to give up that chance. He wasn't going to ruin the second chance he had been given to be a better father. And Pietro, right there, as someone Marcus was familiar with, it was overwhelming. Because his son was here as well, Max's son was here. And while Marcus didn't know what it was like to have a son, he did feel a fondness towards Teddy that he couldn't quite place.

But all things considered, it seemed that maybe, just maybe, the big reveals and surprises might have been over. At least, for the most part, Max knew that Marcus wouldn't remember this.

So, Max allowed himself to be happy that his children were both here and safe, and that he had a second chance at being the father he knew he could have been. A better man, a better life.

He could only hope.