There was something that Marcus Kaiser always tried to pride himself on, and it was honesty. He had been raised to believe that honesty was the best policy, but he learned very early on that wasn't how the world functioned. You had to tell little white lies here and there to get things moving forward. You had to play to what people wanted to hear sometimes. Little white lies like that were okay, as long as they didn't build up to be something larger and completely took over the truth. Marcus did his best to tell the truth when he could, but there were even some things that he lied to himself about. But he told himself it was to protect himself, protect his heart, protect who he was. The years had made him harder, had made him more protective of who he was, who his family was.

Especially when his family was started due to him finding out a lie.

Marina had been kept from Marcus for the first three years of her life, and when he had found out Wynne was lying to him about his own daughter, he had raised hell. He had sued, established paternity rights, got himself legally added to her birth certificate, and did anything that he could to make sure he had visitation rights as well as anything else that he had been denied. It was a lengthy legal battle, but Wynne had just wanted to please him, hoping to get into his good graces now that they had shared a child together.

But she had also drugged Marina to oblivion for things she didn't need. She had treated his only daughter like she was a tool and it made him resent Wynne more and more each passing day. Still, he respected Marina's wish to try to stay on her mother's good side. And when Wynne got to be too much for her, Marcus would step in to placate Wynne the best that he could. It was easy to do, because he told her little white lies. After all, they had started their strange family on a lie, so he felt it wasn't awful if he partly treated her the way that she had treated him for years. He despised the woman, but he wasn't about to make things worse or uncomfortable for his daughter. Not after she became such a strong and independent woman on her own, and knew what she could handle. Marcus would do what he always did: fully support his daughter, while handing Wynne as he could. Because Wynne wasn't an ex-wife, or even an ex-girlfriend. She had been a one-night stand that kept trying to tell him how much he had to love her, because of their shared child. At least his daughter never looked poorly on him for not wanting a relationship with Wynne. Marcus wanted to be able to trust and be trusted by the person he was with. Wynne would never be those things.

So his family had been started on a lie, but it was one he was willing to live with, now that he had Marina in his life. But being lied to was something that always bothered Marcus. So to find out that there may have been another lie, this time kept from him longer...was enough to break him.

Because science proved that he had a son. A 22 year old son. A son that had been kept from him for 22 years, and was a twin to Marina. A son he had just gotten to know recently as an intern of his company, not sure why he was feeling a weird connection with the young man. And when it was confirmed that Teddy was his son, and Marina's twin brother, there were a lot of emotions that he kept at bay. His children (children, plural) were at various emotional states and it was understandable. Marcus for his part had to keep it together for them. Because as he told Marina, he had been lied to before like this, though for not this many years. He had been lied to before, and he was used to it. He was fine, he could handle things, he was just happy to finally know.

Teddy, for his part, didn't want to confront Wynne, or even speak to her, and Marcus understood that completely, finding himself proud of the young man talking about how she didn't even deserve a second chance at explaining herself. He might not had raised Teddy, but he knew he had grown into a good person. Besides, he might have been Teddy's father, but he still didn't know him well enough to be his Dad, and he knew he had to work and earn that title. What was that overused phrase? "anyone can be a father but it takes a real man to be a dad?" It rang true for Marcus. Just as it had before when Marina was brought into his life.

Marina, well she wanted to confront Wynne. For a lot of her own personal reasons, and Marcus wanted to go with her. He ended up going to Philly and staying at a hotel, keeping a distance so his daughter could do as she pleased. But she came to him anyway, asking for help and together they confronted Wynne. They told her it would be the last time she spoke to them, as they had restraining orders on her. That Marcus would be bringing legal actions against her (again). Marcus left the room to give Marina some time to say what she really wanted to say, respectfully staying out of it, and then when she was ready to go, daughter and father left together, leaving Wynne screaming and begging them not to go.

A comment had been made that Marcus was holding it together very nicely, and his reply had been that he was far more focused on being a good Dad, in helping his children (again, plural, he was still getting use to that) keeping it together. In reality, Marcus was a mix of emotions that he only let himself feel when he was alone in his apartment. When he returned from Philadelphia on Monday morning, instead of going to his office he went straight home, informing his assistant he was taking the entire week off -- and for a man who never took vacation, that was understandaby troubling to those at the company, but he assured them he was fine.

Once he was alone, a wave of anger took him over, and he picked up the nearest vase and threw it hard at the wall, screaming as he did so. Was he really that much of a fool that the wool could be pulled over his eyes for 22 years? How had he never known about this? And the anger of knowing how this affected Marina, of what she had gone through, the drugs she had been put on, to keep up this lie caused him to throw more things against the bright white wall of the living room. And that he had a son, that he was only finding out about now, and he had missed so much time. The anger turned into a strange emotional feeling, not quite to tears, as Marcus was not a man who cried, but close to. He was overwhelmed. He had a chance to try to make things better for his family, to get to know Teddy not as his intern, but as his son, to try to bring their little family of three closer together. But Teddy had his own family, and Marcus was careful not to want to tread all over that. He didn't have the right.

He was overwhelmed, and Marcus found himself wondering what else had been kept from him. Who else had been lying to him, but he quickly squashed that line of thinking. Just because Wynne had lied to him for this long did not mean others in his life were doing the same thing. He had to be better than that. He was better than that, or so he was trying to tell himself. But hadn't he been lying to himself as well? Lying to himself about his feelings towards a particular part of his past he could never fully get out of his mind, lying to himself about wanting more than just a workaholic lifestyle, lying to himself that he was perfectly fine and happy.

He was happy, in a way. His family was larger, though unexpected, but he was going to do right by his daughter and son. But Marcus always would want more for himself, even if he didn't want to admit to it. Maybe he needed to admit to it.

He found himself asking her to lead his legal team to go after Wynne, knowing it would mean they would be spending more time together to work on the case -- Marcus was almost embarrassed that he felt that he had to create an excuse to see her. But at this stage of his life at this moment, things felt so fragile that he didn't want to risk pushing anyone away. But jesus christ, he needed something to distract him, to maybe get him to admit to what he was lying to himself about.

After all the big parts of his life had been formed by finding out the truth. Right? So, in his own way, he tried.