Regarding Family.
Max Eisenhardt <>
to Marcus Kaiser
Marcus -

I'm not going to bother introducing myself, because I've left you enough clues. My name on this email will give you another clue, and you can go about researching that yourself. But that is not why I am writing.

I had told myself that I wasn't going to be writing these types of things to you because I didn't want to interfere in your life. We're two separate entities and yet we share the same body, it can get confusing after a while. But what you need to know is that I will still live my life while I can without true interference from you, just as I expect you to live yours without interference from me.

But I have to interfere. Just once, just right now.

I've been learning a lot about you these past few months, and I know how important family is to you. I know how important your daughter Marina is, how proud of her you are, and you want the world for her. She deserves the world. I know this because she's also my daughter, Wanda. When you figure everything out, ignore the false narratives that she was never my daughter, that my children were never my own. They are mine as much as they have always been. The truth is, I wasn't always a good father. In fact, I was a rather awful one. I put my own goals and ambitions in front of everlasting else, and that in turn caused everything to either be pulled away from me, or leave. Once upon a time, I would have done anything I could to prove that I was far more important, that it didn't matter who the heros or villains were in everyone's mind because the only thing that mattered was what I wanted and how I'd get exactly that. But I've been the villain for most of my life. Even my acts of redemption have only caused more heartache than they are worth, and I lost a dear friend in the cross-hairs because of it.

Here, I'm noticing that we get second chances. It's not completely the world that I have, because well...things are different here. My powers have returned, and I'm stronger every day, but this week I found myself sans my family. Wanda did not shift. My son, Pietro, is out travelling, so he did not shift either. Lorna, she's not around, at least not that I have found. I found myself lonely, a fact that I would not admit to anyone other than you, as you are me for the most part. I cannot stress enough how I do not want to interfere with others' lives that much anymore; even to the point that I believe I have a wife here as well, or had but it's so confusing -- and I can feel your own feelings are conflicted for various reasons that I'm not going to try to pick apart -- that I do not wish to ask if she remembers. I am trying to stay off radars, given that not many who are around have fond memories of me.

But I have to do something for you, Marcus. I have to. Because I can sense your confusion. I can sense that you feel there is something more.

You have a son.

Marina has a brother, a twin brother. The young man that you have gotten to know, the intern at Kaiser Motors who has been working on cars with you on the weekends, it is him. To me, his name is Pietro. To you, his name is Teddy. He is your son. You're going to want to run DNA tests to confirm this, because you need everything backed by science, but know this: your family is larger than you know, it is stronger than you know. I was an awful father, and I've been given a second chance. You? You have always been a great father, even though you didn't know about Marina for the first three years of her life. With Teddy, you haven't known him for most of his adult life, but I don't think that's going to matter. You are flesh and blood, there will be a bond there, the one you have now will grow stronger. If my family was not around this week, I at least want to help you realize yours is always there. Even when you don't know it.

Do what you need to do to uncover the truth yourself, and to get the confirmation that you and Marina need.

Happy Father's Day.

-- M.