Marcus Kaiser

Marcus Kaiser

  • Professor of Physics, Engineering, Material Science, and Applied Physics


Doctor Marcus Kaiser's various classes through out his years of teaching at Harvard University covers material science, engineering, electromangetics and nanoelectronics, nuclear science, quantum devices, computational neuroscience, and mechanical engineering - just to name a few subjects. Though he's been a mainstay on the Harvard University campus for years, it may be his work with Kaiser Motors that most people know him for. From designing and engineering electric cars, to building flamethrowers (for science, of course), Dr. Kaiser does his best to support the students of Harvard University through his study groups and lectures.

A part time professor since 2005, Dr. Kaiser's research and unusual lectures have brought in curious minds from across the country; especially once they are told of the reward of doing well in his Advanced class. Those who pass his exams with a perfect score in his Advanced and Graduate classes three years in a row will be given an opportunity to intern at Kaiser Motors, with the potential of having it turned into a full time job.

Past Classes Taught

  • Quantitative Physiology as a Basis or Bioengineering (ENG-SCI 53)
  • Biogeochemistry of Carbon Dioxide and Methane (ENG-SCI 130)
  • Engineering Quantum Mechanics (ENG-SCI 170)
  • Mesoscale and Low Dimensional Devices (APPHY 296)
  • Quantum Theory of Solids (APPHY 295B)
  • Chemistry in Material Science and Engineering (APPHY 235)
  • Quantum Mechanics I & II (PHYSICS 143A)
  • Special Topics in Engineering Sciences (ENG-SCI 299R)
  • Integrative Frameworks for Technology, Environment, and Society I & II (ENG-SCI 236A)

Degrees Earned

  • Bachelors of Science in Materials Science (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1995)
  • Masters of Science in Materials Science and Engineering (Columbia University, 1998)
  • Doctorate in Applied Physics (Harvard University, 2004)
  • Doctorate in Nuclear Science & Engineering (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2009)

Contact Information

Office:228 Lyman
Office Phone:(617) 495-5555
Office Fax(617) 496-5555
Lab Location:165 Jefferson
Assistant:Jane Smith
Assistant Office:Cruft 210
Assistant Phone:(617) 496-5555
Research Mgr: Sarah Doe