marcus kaiser, ph.d
Marcus Kaiser was born in Nuremburg, Bavaria, Germany to a pretty smart family, and a family with incredible wealth. His father, Erik Kaiser, was a graduate from MIT, and his mother, Alicia Eisenhardt, was a graduate from Yale. They met while studying abroad in Germany, Alicia visiting her family in Germany, and Erik wanting to discover his heritage as well as get some credits towards courses. So of course the two met and fell in love, soon getting married in Germany and bringing young Marcus into the world. They lived in Germany for a few years, before returning to America, because both Erik and Alicia wanted to bring up their child where they lived and grew up. Germany was always going to be part of them, but it was not where their life was. So it was off to America, and home to Boston to start their life.

Erik had dreams of bringing his son into the family business as well, and that needed to start young. Being a part of the Kaiser family meant that from an early age, the men and women of the family were groomed to take a part in the family company, Kaiser Motors. Known as one of the best car manufacturers in the world, the company stayed in Boston, Massachusetts while also working to essentially take over the world. Given the pride the family always held in being a part of the business, Erik Kaiser rose through the ranks fast with the help of ruthlessly undercutting those who got in his way. The elder Kaiser wanted to make sure the business was as successful as could be -- determined to have an heir to take over when he passed away, the Kaiser soon welcomed their first and only son Marcus. The boy had an early start on business, and by the time Marcus had reached age 10, he was already trying to help out at the company. Proud that his son was taking an interest in such a young age, Erik Kaiser did all he could to further along Marcus's education by homeschooling him and bringing him up to speed on the changes in the industry.

Marcus's love of learning caught on fairly quickly, and soon he was excelling far faster than his father and home-school teachers were able to teach him. By the time he turned 17 in 1991, Marcus was accepted into MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts and attended there in the fall and continued to return home to Boston randomly through the months, and spent time there in the summer. Taking an interest in Electromagnetism and Physics, it was only natural for Marcus to attempt for a degree that brought out his curiosity of the subjects, and by the time 1995 came around, Marcus had graduated from MIT with a Bachelors of Science (B.S) in Materials Science at the age of 21.

His schooling did not stop there though. After seeing what he could do if he applied himself, and what he could bring to the company with his new ideas, Marcus decided to keep continuing his education. This time, he ventured into New York by attending Columbia University, and ended up living in New York full time, only returning to Boston when he was needed to for Board of Director meetings with the company. While serving as the youngest member of the board, Marcus knew he had to do his best to prove himself and what he could do -- what better way to do that than by coming back with another degree, and even more ideas to build stronger cars? Entering Columbia with the hopes of getting his Masters, Marcus threw himself completely into his studies.

By the time 1998 came around, Marcus had graduated with a Master of Science (M.S.) in Materials Science and Engineering, and returned home to Boston once more, to bring his ideas to the company. His latest idea? Hybrid cars, focusing on the energy that could be saved, and bringing in his best friend and college roommate to focus on the new energy ways, while Marcus focused on engineering the cars. Having his Masters and experiences in Columbia brought more to the company, and again Marcus was focused purely on that. Thanks to his mother Alicia's suggestion, he went ahead and applied for his doctorate.

Marcus threw himself completely into his studies and into the company, furthering himself and his goals. As he grew older, he grew more power hungry and did anything in his power to make sure that his company stayed at the top, and that he stayed at the top of his own game. If this meant using people for his personal gain, he did so. His father seemed to have the same idea, and the relationship between father-and-son that was good before was starting to very quickly deteriorate as both started to use each other to further themselves. The two men started arguing more, where Erik was stuck in his old ways, Marcus saw all the new potential of following the newest industry trends. They couldn't stay on top if they were unable to move forward, and even though Marcus kept telling his father this, it was to no avail. Erik was too stuck in his ways, and the connection between father and son disappeared professionally as quickly as it had personally.

By the time Marcus was 6 months out of Columbia, he was no longer speaking to his father, and had been stuck doing minuscule work for the company, while he watched his father lose contract after contract. Frustrated, Marcus started to busy himself with things that he knew would piss off his father - not caring about what those higher than him said, spending far too much of the company money on things that just didn't matter; which included getting yet another degree, this time at Harvard University.

For a while, Marcus thought of keeping his distance from his father, but as the years went on, the news of his mother Alicia getting cancer caused Marcus to return to Boston to be by his mother's side. The breast cancer was advancing, and after a year of returning to Boston, his mother had passed away. Both Marcus and his father mourned the loss, and ended up finding their way back to each other because of it - for years Marcus and his father controlled Kaiser Motors together side by side, and their bond grew back to the loyal one it had been before.

Of course, like everything else good in Marcus's life, it didn't last. On one winter night before a snow storm, deciding they would walk to their cars rather than have them brought to them, both father and son were mugged. With a gun held at Marcus's head, the mugger pulled the trigger but Marcus's father shoved Marcus out of the way and took the bullet instead. Furious at what happened, with his father lying dead on the street, Marcus fought the mugger for the gun and when he had the upper-hand, shot and killed the mugger in cold blood, not feeling a moment of remorse on acting on his need for immediate revenge. He called the cops after, and told him he acted in self defense - and he was believed.

In the weeks that passed, Marcus started to become closed off. After the funeral for his father, the company defaulted to Marcus. In the months following, he was the de-facto CEO of Kaiser Motors, and it remained that way for years.

Marcus was never able to forgive himself how his father died and being unable to save them, and due to guilt, he threw himself completely into work. He assigned other people to control the main aspects of the company. He became even more ruthless in his control of the company and his desire to keep them running, that he started to make shady business dealings on the side to make sure he could contain power. Nothing became more important to him than work and his degrees. In 2004, Marcus graduated from Harvard University with a doctorate (Ph.D.) in Applied Physics, where he focused in Electromagnetism. He went as far as he could go with his education and reached almost the top of his career, and he couldn't help that there still needed to be something more with his life.

So, he decided that perhaps he wasn't meant to just sit in one place and live out the legacy that was left for him. He was his own man and it was time to make his own choices. So Marcus did what he thought was right; even though he still held a high position with Kaiser Motors, he decided to take a teaching position at Harvard University, focusing on Physics and Engineering. He offered internships to students who reached the top of the class, and a lot of good students had found their way into good paying jobs due to their internships. Marcus has been teaching at Harvard University since 2006, though as a part time professor as his company gives him more than enough things to deal with on a regular basis.

Of course, his life hasn't been all work and no play, and Marcus would be lying if he said his personal life had been smooth sailing. There had been failed marriages, failed engagements, failed relationships. Mixed in there were good times, people he's loved and lost, and those who changed his life for the better. He does his best to try to keep up his spirits, and remember that life goes on; after all, he's living proof of that.
⤑ given name Marcus Erik Kaiser ⤑ other aliases Marc, Professor Kaiser ⤑ comicverse magneto ⤑ date of birth March 4, 1974 ⤑ birthplace NUREMBERG, BAVARIA, GERMANY ⤑ current residence Boston, Massachusetts education PH.D in NUCLEAR SCIENCE & ENGINEERING ⤑ occupation CEO of Kaiser Motors ⤑ side occupation Physics & Engineering Professor @ Harvard University ⤑ children Marina & Teddy ⤑ marital status Single
Magneto has comprehensive control over all forms of magnetism and utilizes that control to manipulate ferrous metals and achieve a variety of effects. He recently proved able to effectively hold together the headless form of a Celestial. Magneto can manipulate an entire planet's electromagnetic field and once even pulled back the giant metallic 'bullet' where Kitty Pryde was trapped inside which was at least a few lightyears away from Earth, though these are a tasks that requires great effort on his part. Magneto has harnessed magnetism to stop armies, raise islands from ocean floors, move mountains, change the course of rivers, and threaten to devastate the world with floods and earthquakes. Magneto once blanketed the entire globe with a self-generated electromagnetic pulse that caused widespread devastation. Moreover, he can use his magnetic powers in more than one way simultaneously. He can completely assemble a complicated machine within seconds through his powers. It is unclear whether Magneto's power is psionic or purely physiological in nature.

comic parallels
Middle name is Erik, a nod to a popular alias.
Studied Electromangetic Physics.
Highly educated with more than one degree.
Does what he thinks is right for everyone, even if this is not the right choice overall
Is viewed as a leader to some degree.
Arrogant and sometimes selfish.

Point of Canon
Magneto is pulled from Earth-616 Magneto. Also portions of his CV is pulled from Age of Apocalypse Earth-295 Magneto.
unlocked incentives Magnetokinesis
     • Magnetic Force Fields
     • Magnetic Armor
     • Magnetic Rays
     • Magnetic Flight
     • Geomagnetic Link
     • Gravity Reduction
     • Metal/Matter Manipulation
     • Metallic Bonding
     • Organic Iron Manipulation
     • Electromagnetic Sight
     • Electromagnetic Spectrum Manipulation

locked incentives Magneto's Armor
Magneto's Helmet

Telepathic Resistance
Astral Projection

Genius-level Intellect
Military Training
Excellent Strategist

education Bachelors of Science (B.S) in Materials Science
    MIT (Graduated 1995)

Masters of Science (M.S) in Materials Science & Engineering
    Columbia University (Graduated 1998)

Doctorate (P.h.D.) in Applied Physics
    Harvard University (Graduated 2004)

Doctorate (P.h.D.) in Nuclear Science & Engineering
    MIT (Graduated 2009)

facts He was witness to his father's murder - and was almost killed himself on January 27, 1999. He managed to fight with the assailant and killed the man in cold blood, though police viewed it as self defense. Marcus still struggles with what happened to this day.

Has a string of failed engagements (totally four) and failed marriages (one) that he's considering never getting married again until he knows that the person he is with 100% is in it for the long haul. He prefers relationships that are easy going, because so much of his life is already not.

Can be very stubborn. He prefers things a certain way, and can be insanely jealous at times. The jealousy does not come up a lot, but when he wants something, he wants it, and nothing can stand in his way.

Is a workaholic, and values good work and loyalty above all else. He is drawn to those who are business minded, and most of the people he surrounds himself with are passionate about their jobs like he is.

His favorite colors are silver, black, and purple. He is also prone to more 'modern' home furnishings, and because of that, most of his decorative things in his home are metal.

Was voted one of Boston Magazine's most powerful CEOs in the city. He's not exactly keen on this title, but it gave the company good publicity and he got more people applying to the company, so he can't completely complain.

Keeps his friends close, and enemies closer; he's been known to work and be friendly with those he does not view as "important" so that he could observe them and exploit their weaknesses. This comes more into play with professional things than personal ones, but every now and then Marcus can be a bit competitive.

Hopes to one day settle down and live a happy life. He doesn't think this is too hard to ask for, but history has proven to him time and time again that any happiness he achieves always comes with a lot of struggle.

mother: alicia kaiser (née: eisenhardt)
deceased. scientist & philanthropist.

father: erik kaiser
deceased. businessman & scientist.

brother: william kaiser
deceased. businessman.

daughter: marina kaiser

son: teddy soriano
21. born patrick kaiser. more info here.

niece: TBD
24. brother's daughter.