what would be your biggest regret in life? and why?

Starting this off with a bang, arenít we? I have a few, and Iím honestly not a huge fan of sharing them publicly, but for the sake of this exercise, Iíll reveal one. My father was killed in front of me by a man trying to rob us, and he gave his life to save me from the bullet. I sometimes regret not being the one who went down, as I feel my father would have a much bigger impact on Diederich Motor Company and Boston than I have.

how many shoes do you think anna owns?
Thatíd be a question for her, I think. My guess is "plenty".

what does the fox say?
It says thatís an annoying song/meme that needs to die.

do you believe in aliens?

You've just been sent to Mars. What do you take with you and what skill do you lend to the small colony?
First off, why am I sent to Mars? Am I part of that colonizing initiative? Because that is asinine and Iíd never participate in that sort of thing. Iím not one to give my life for all of mankind, science will be making itís own strides soon enough that we donít really need to send people out there. I donít think Iíd be allowed to take anything, so thatís that first answer, and the second is that Iím good with my hands, building things. I suppose I could put that to use, if Mars itself doesnít kill me first.

Favorite car of all time? (I mean, I have to ask about cars, right?)
1966 Diederich Mustang

What inspires you?
I feel like this is a loaded question, because people get inspiration from various different places. What might inspire me, might be odd to someone else. That being said, at the moment Iím feeling particularly uninspired so Iím not exactly sure how to answer this question. I could say the cliche ďbeauty in the world around usĒ but thatís pretty much bullshit. Weíll say advancement in science inspires me, because it usually does.

When was the last time you cried?
I couldnít tell you, because I donít remember. So, it must have been a while.

Do you sing while taking a shower?
I used to. I donít really do that now, thereís no time in the morning.

Do you snore while sleeping?
I donít know, I donít think I do? Youíd have to ask my girlfriend.

Have you ever taken advantage of anyone?

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Iím quite happy where I am, but I suppose somewhere secluded and away from everyone wouldnít be that bad.

Into which personalityís shoes would you like to step for a day?
I wouldnít step into anyoneís shoes but my own. I like who I am, and I do not have plans to change that.

What 5 words would a close friend use to describe you?
Stubborn, ruthless, independent, and I think the last two would depend on who you ask. Vince might say Iím annoying, for example.

Do you believe in love at first sight?
No. Lust at first sight, yes.

What is your most treasured possession and why?
My doctorate degree. I think the Ďwhyí answers itself.

What is your favorite month of the year?

Which is the place/country that you want to visit?
Iíd like to go to Hong Kong again for a while. Itís been a long time since I last went. Maybe that will be my next trip.

What are your hobbies or interest?
When Iím not working, which is hardly ever, Iím either reading, work on something Iím writing, or working out.

Are there any fears you have that you would like to get over?
I donít believe in sharing fears with a large group of people that I do not know.

Do you find yourself prejudiced or biased in any area?
I think weíre all biased in some ways. So, yes.

Tell me five of your pet peeves?
People who write in all lowercase in a professional setting (ie: email, where it is not appropriate to do so), people who use Comic Sans as a font, people who are ignorant, people who are selfish, people who do not admire what they have and take it for granted.

When you meet someone of the opposite sex, what do you first notice about them?
The gentlemanly answer would be eyes. The actual answer would be breasts and legs.

Which are the parts of their body that you notice?
This answer is the same as the above.

Whatís the hardest thing youíve ever done?
Try to prove to the world that DMC is fine under my leadership.

If you were an animal in the wild, what would you be?

would you prefer to be smart or happy, and why?
Iíd rather be smart. I value intelligence a hell of a lot more.

whatís the last book you read that you simply could not put down until you finished?
The last thing I read was a monthly report, itís been a long time since Iíve read a book, to be honest with you. The last one I started was To Kill a Mockingbird.

of all your pet-peeves, which is the strangest?
I donít think my pet-peeves are that strange, but if I had to pick, Iíd say the ďdislike of people writing in lowercase in professional settingsĒ one. I recently sent back a monthly report because it was written in all lowercase. Either show me you care and put in the effort for proper punctuation and grammar, or donít waste my time. (In personal settings, lowercase is fine with me, since I imagine some may ask about that.)

is it better to beg forgiveness or ask permission?
Itís better to make your choice and stand by it, no matter how hard it is.

what are you three weaknesses?
I donít believe in sharing weaknesses with a large group of people I do not know. Iím a private man for the most part.

how do you handle people you donít like?
I donít speak to them. I donít see a reason to be fake or otherwise.

what is your greatest fear?
Again, I donít share weaknesses and fears with those I do not know.

if you were told you only had one week left to live, what would you do?
Finish my novel, and get a nice lobster dinner.

do you trust anyone with your life?

ugly and live forever, or attractive and die in a year?
Ugly and live forever, I have world domination plans.

if you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else, who would you pick and what would you do?
I wouldnít pick anyone, so Iím assuming Iíd be forced into this. So, if I were forced into it, Iíd trade places with Vince most likely. Just so I can mess up his work a little. Itís a really interesting answer, I know.

what question do you hate to answer?
Pretty much anything asking me ďwhat is your greatest fear/weaknessĒ. As I am sure you can tell.

what is your favorite word? least favorite?
Favorite is fuck. Least favorite, I donít have one.

glass half full or half empty? or is the glass just malformed?
The glass is just an object holding liquid, it doesnít matter if itís half full or half empty, it just is. People would be less miserable if they stopped focusing on lifeís little insignificant questions like these.

do you believe honesty is the best policy?
Depends on the situation. In personal life, yes. In professional, not always.

worst injury you have had?
I was shot in the leg.

how did you get such a nice suit booty?
Iím a God, donít you know this by now? Well, itís either that, or working out, or using magic, or maybe itís just a really good tailor. The world may never know.

if you could give sixteen-year-old max advice for the future, what would it be?
Donít listen to a man who claims heís from the future.

you get 3 genie wishes. what are they?
1: Create more hours in the day so I can get more work done.
2: Give myself more energy in the day so I can get more work done.
3: More wishes.

you have to the same food for one of the three meals of the day for the rest of your life. but you get to pick the meal, and the food. what do you choose?
Surf and turf: lobster and steak with broccoli and garlic mashed potatoes.

can you paint my living room? i keep saying i'm gonna do it. please?
Only if you help, and supply me with good beer, and good food.

if you got a pet, what animal would it be?
If it were legal to somehow own a tiger, I would. So, Iíd settle for a cat. What do you believe I am thinking right now?
I never know what you're thinking, Raven.

What nickname would you give me based off my personality or a body part?
This is a weird question. I wouldn't. If I give nicknames, which I hardly do, itís off of a personís name.

Which celebrity would you like to be, and why?
Again, I wouldn't. I like being myself.

What's the funniest thing you have ever said and done?
What I consider funny may not be funny to someone else, so I donít think Iím the right person to objectively answer this.

Would you spit in someone's food if they were rude to you?
No, I'm not an asshole.

Describe yourself in three words.
Stubborn, passionate, ruthless.

Are you a spiritual person?
Yes. Iím Jewish and I take great pride in that. Iím not as active with services as I would like to be, but itís a large part of who I am, and what path I decided to walk down.

What are your three weaknesses?
If I say them here, then theyíre for the world to know. Iíd rather keep my weaknesses close to the chest, lest someone tries to exploit them.

If you were any kind of fruit, which would you pick and why?
Grape, I guess? Because theyíre made into wine.