The night of March 23 had not been something that Maxwell had expected. A typical night together with his girlfriend turned into something far more serious, something that held stronger ties than he had ever imagined, and he had fallen asleep with her next to him, knowing the next morning was the start of something good.

Only, when he woke up, he wasn't in her Boston home.

He wasn't in Boston.

He wasn't even in the United States of America.

As he woke up, he looked around to see a warm colored bedroom, a large bed, though there was no one sleeping next to him. He got up, pulled on a shirt to keep himself warm, and looked out the window to see nothing but fields of green, and a body of water in the distance. There was sound of laughter downstairs, and he pulled on a pair of jeans and shoes, heading down from the bedroom.

There were little elements of home here, ones he recognized, but also in a house he knew he hadn't been to in almost a year. In a country he hadn't been to in almost a year. With a woman he hadn't seen in almost a year.

As he headed down the stairs, he heard children laughing and chasing each other around the house, two girls and a boy. As they ran past him, they seemed to recognize him and smile towards him, but they weren't anyone he recognized. Hearing a baby crying in the distance, he went towards the sound and found himself in a kitchen, a woman holding a baby on her hip as she cooked something over the stove. Her hair was short and to the shoulders, but a light brown instead of a dark brown. Her figure was slimmer, not as curvy.

She turned around and grinned and Max took a step back. "I was wondering when you'd wake up," She spoke, her Irish accent thick, tone happy, as she walked towards him. "I didn't think I'd be waiting all day for me husband to wake up!"

Husband? He looked at her, at Norah Flanagan, with a raised eyebrow. This wasn't right. He had been engaged to Norah last March,but she left him in July. She had gone back to Ireland without giving him a reason why, and he had soon found himself moving towards a woman he knew deep down he loved more than anyone else that he could. Anna Durand.

"Where is she?" Max asked, raising an eyebrow, his eyes darting from Norah's face to the baby in her arms, a little boy. Two girls, and two boys. Were these his children? With Norah? That couldn't be right.

"Who, that slut that stole you from me?" Norah asked, but her tone was so sweet, that Max almost didn't catch the meaning behind them.

"You're the one who left me without a word, Norah. And we're not married." This was something completely unbelieveable, this couldn't be real. But he was in her family's Irish home, the one he had gone to with her to meet her family, where he had proposed marriage to her under the large tree in the back yard. The same tree he could now see through the window, where the three children from before were playing. One was dressed in green, one dressed in red, one dressed in blue. "Where is Anna?" Max asked again, feeling himself getting angry.

Norah looked at Max with a devious grin, and she laughed, a laugh that seemed more devilish in nature, and it took on a distorted tone at the end. The baby on her hip, which was looking at her now was staring right at Max as Norah spoke. "You killed her for me, remember? You and I, we're married now. These are our children now."

Max felt his heart drop. "What?" He asked, "That can't be right. That can't be true," he said, his hands balling up into fists at his side, and the little metal objects in the room started to move around as Norah laughed.

"Did you really think you could be happy with that woman? She wanted to control you, like they all do! I never wanted to control you, I only wanted you to be happy. Be happy with me, Maxwell."

"She's not dead!" Max screamed, his anger rising, and suddenly the baby was gone from Norah's arms, and the three children outside disappeared.

"You killed her. You pulled the iron right out of her blood, cut her open and watched her bleed to death. Just like you did with your uncle. You remember that, don't you?"

The metal objects started to rise into the air now, circling the room at an extremely fast pace, "You're lying," Max hissed, and Norah laughed, her voice now fully demonic. This wasn't Norah. This wasn't her. This wasn't real. This couldn't be real.

"People are going to discover who you are, people are going to discover what you did. What you will do to keep you and your family safe! Do you really think you're better than everyone else?"

"Yes," His anger reached a peak, as he sent all the metal objects - knives, pans, pots - towards Norah, and she disappeared into smoke, her laughter circling around him, choking him.

"You're going to destroy everything you touch. You're not human! You're nothing," Her voice taunted him, and he tapped into his powers again, as he could sense the nails in the walls coming out of the wood, he could feel the foundation of the house starting to shift, he could feel he was bringing the entire house down on them.

"You killed her! You killed her, and you'll kill anyone else who tries to control your power!"

"I didn't kill her!" He bellowed, as he brought the house down, managing somehow to fly up through the wreckage, hovering above it all as the house crumbled into a heap of wood and metal. He floated to the ground, to see a woman standing in the field, reaching out for him.