"I didn't kill her!" He bellowed, as he brought the house down, managing somehow to fly up through the wreckage, hovering above it all as the house crumbled into a heap of wood and metal. He floated to the ground, to see a woman standing in the field, reaching out for him.

"Anna?" Max asked, feeling his voice breaking, the relief of seeing her was something beyond comprehension, and as he got closer to her, he saw her pained expression.

Then he saw the various pieces of metal sticking out of her, from when he brought the house down. He ran towards her and caught her as she fell, falling into her arms, looking up at him with betrayal in her eyes.

"Why did you do this, Max? I loved you, I loved you with all my heart," The Anna in his arms said, and at first his reaction was one of anguish but then, something hit him. Saying 'I love you' wasn't something that came easily to Anna; and saying the word love so much in a romantic statement wasn't something she did either.

"You're not Anna," He said, as Anna turned into Norah, who started laughing. He let go and the woman fell to the ground and as she stood up, every woman he had ever been engaged to, dated, been involved with all started to form around him, laughing.

Their laughter got louder in his ears, their tone getting darker, each of them telling him that he'll never be the man that they want him to be, that he'll destroy every relationship that he would ever have now and into the future. "She'll get in your way, she won't be enough, then you'll tear her apart piece by piece until she does everything you say, or she dies defying you. You'll be the death of her."

He looked up as the women started to rise above him, and for a moment, he thought this was it.

Max, you got to wake up.

He could hear her voice in the distance, the real Anna, and that was what he needed. He had to get back to her. In any way that he could.

He raised his hands and magnetic blasts shot through his fingers, as he started to tear through each demonic entity one by one. "You will not tell me what my life is going to be like. You will not scare me into submission. You will not destroy my future with the woman I am going to marry."

The last demonic entity of Norah floated down in front of Max, and she reached out to him, tempting him, "You'll end up alone, Maxwell." She said, and Max focused on her, focusing on her physical being, focused on the iron that was running through her blood and started to pull it out from her. The particles pulled through her nose and her mouth, and she screamed.

For the first time, he grinned, "You don't know us. And you never will."

"You'll come back for me!" The entity screamed, and Max shook his head.

"No, I have a fiancee to get back to." With that, he pulled the last remaining part out, and tossed her into the house rubble behind him, as he heard in the distance Oh god, Max, I need you to wake up, sugar.

When he heard Anna's voice again from the distance, he looked up towards the sky, to see that everything around him was starting to grow dark. The house behind him disappeared. The tree that the children were playing on disappeared. The grass, the sky, the water, everything disappeared until it was just Max surrounded by blackness.

And then, he fell. He screamed.

Max sat up screaming as he came out of his dream, his heart pounding, his adrenaline rushing. Dreaming about his ex-fiancee was one thing. Dreaming about her, his other exes, being told he killed Anna with his powers he didn't have control over was completely different. But he hadn't killed Anna. He hadn't killed anyone. He didn't hurt anyone, he didn't have any children, he didn't have a life with Norah, and he wasn't looking to the past. He had a future. He had a bright one, one that was finally moving forward, one that was going to be one to look forward to. Because Anna had changed all his rules, and he was enjoying this new game. He wasn't going to let anything get in the way of that.

As Max woke up fully and took in his surroundings, he knew he was safe. He was back in United States, he was back in Boston, and he was in Anna's bed. Anna herself was sleeping peacefully next to him. But, she was sleeping a bit too peacefully, and as he tried to wake her, he realized he couldn't. She wasn't moving, she wasn't waking up. He looked at his phone to get the time and the date, and when he realized it had been twenty four hours since he had fallen to sleep, he worried. He had been out too long, would she be out just as long? She had told him once who she was, that her name was Rogue, that she was incredibly strong and sassy, and he knew she would pull through this. But would she be able to tap into that part of her now? He wasn't sure.

Max positioned himself near her, swallowing hard. "Anna, you got to wake up, you need to be strong." He said, as he did his best to make sure she was comfortable, because if she was about to go through what he just went through, it wasn't going to be pleasant.

While he wasn't as in control of his new found powers as he would like, some of his powers ran on instinct, and so he threw up a force field around the bed, a light purple metallic glow around them, as he shifted Anna's head into his lap, and he took a hold of her hand. "Wake up, Anna, fight through it and come back to me."

He pressed his lips to her forehead, resting there for a moment before leaning back, preparing himself to keep watch for however long this would take.

He came back, and so she would come back. She had to. They had the rest of their lives together to plan.